H. I. Z., Advice and instruction to the Palatines newly arrived in the Province of Pennsylvania


Date: 1727 | Size: 1 item(s)


In the hand of Benjamin Franklin, "from the manuscript. Translated from the High Dutch."

Scope and content

This humorous piece of advice and instruction for newly arrived Palatines was written "By their Countryman H I Z a Freeholder in the Province." It contains various recommendations and references to individuals with thinly veiled names, such as "If you want a quack that sets up for a skillful Physician send for Dr. K____y." The concluding line recommends to "Drink hard, Laugh loud, + run deeply in Debt" for those who desire to possess a "perfect calmness of Thought, to sleep sound & enjoy a good measure of Health."

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Physical description

1 volume. The "Advice" is tipped in the (blank) book.


Printed in part, and dated: Pennsylvania Magazine...vol.XVI, 16n. Film 54-57 Frame 135

Early American History Note

This short piece offers a satirical take on some Philadelphians. Framed as a list of advice for new German immigrants, the piece has a more political tone in which it offers a critical appraisal of some prominent members of society and business. These two pages are in Benjamin Franklin's hand. Once thought to a work of Franklin's, since 1963, it has been believed that Franklin was not the original author of this piece.

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