Catalogue of political tracts relating to the history of the colony of Pennsylvania from 1681 to 1770, 1838


Date: 1838 | Size: 1 volume(s), 1volume, 57 p.


Catalogue and Tracts relating to Pennsylvania, 1681-1770, collected by Joshua Francis Fisher (presented to APS in 1839), contains: 1. "Catalogue of Printed Tracts relating to the Political History of . . . Pennsylvania, 1681-1770," with an introduction by Fisher (20 pp.); 2. (Sir William Keith), "The Life and character of a strange `He Monster' lately arrived in London from an English Colony in America, . . .," n.d. The "Monster" is identified as Andrew Hamilton by Walker Lewis, William and Mary Quarterly 38 (1981): 269-294; 3. A modest apology for the eight members. (3 pp.); 4. Petitions of merchants and others to the King for the safety of the Province and against the Quakers, n.d. (4 pp.).

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Physical description

1 volume, 57 p., copy.


Presented by Redmond Conyngham, Joseph Parker Norris, and John Bannister Gibson, 1819, 1823; additional donation by Joshua Francis Fisher, 1839.

General note

Index to manuscripts (1 p.) at beginning of volume.

Early American History Note

This volume contains a series of manuscript essays compiled by Joshua Francis Fisher and presented to the APS in the early 19th Century. It is part of the APS collection of documents relationg to colonial Pennsylvania politics and governance. The first part of the volume has a bibliography made in the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century that lists all of the printed pamphlets and other similar documents printed about Pennsylvania from 1681 to 1770. The remaining documents appear to involve the political career and rivalries of William Keith and Andrew Hamilton. The first is an essay "The Life and Character of a strange 'He Monster," that is purportedly written by William Keith about Andrew Hamilton. The second and third pamphlets "A Modest Apology" and "A Petition … against the Quakers" were written during Hamilton's life and involve political controversies he was involved in surrounding defensive measures. The final document is an obituary for Andrew Hamilton.

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  • Marischal, William Keith, -- Earl,


  • Catalogs.
  • Manuscript Essays
  • Miscellaneous
  • Official Government Documents and Records
  • Petitions.

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  • Pennsylvania -- History -- Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775.

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  • Fisher, Joshua Francis, 1807-1873
  • Hamilton, Andrew


  • Colonial Politics
  • Government Affairs
  • Pennsylvania History
  • Society of Friends.