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Political Correspondence
Scull, Peter



Nathanael Greene was one of the leading commanders in the Continental Army, and the only officer George Washington saw as capable of leading in his absence. Greene served as a field commander, member of Washington's staff, Quartermaster General, and commander of the Army in the Southern Theater. Greene was born on July 27, 1742 in Potowomut, Rhode Island to a Quaker family, who believed that their children would learn more from manual labor then from attending school. Lacking a formal education Greene was very intelligent and taught himself to read, developing early on a love of books - particularly military history and theory. It was through reading, not experience, where Greene learned his knowledge of military science. Between 1778 and 1780 he reluctantly served as Quartermaster General, and was able to drastically improve supplying the Continental Army. Greene ended his military career leading the American Southern army to victory over the British. Greene died in Georgia in June 1786. The Papers of Nathanael Greene come from Greene's tenure as Quartermaster General of the Continental Army between 1778 and 1780. The collection primarily consists of Greene's correspondence with officers in the quartermaster department, officers in the Army (including George Washington), and members of the Continental Congress; relating to the operation of the Quartermaster Department with requests for supplies, forage, and money. In addition, there is also correspondence between officers of the Quartermaster Department. The content of the letters provide a detailed account of the logistical obstacles that Greene and his subordinates faced in trying to keep not only the Quartermaster Department but the Continental Army running. The papers do not contain any material relating to Greene's military service or private life either before or after his tenure as quartermaster general.
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